Today’s Readings

Most of us probably have a template we use to start new HTML docs, but I thought Accesssify‘s MarkupMaker was a clever idea, and quite well implemented!
* The anal-retentive in me couldn’t pass-up suggesting he add rel="stylesheet" to the <link />
[Editor’s Note: It appears the author has added this since my initial posting.]

The good folks at westciv are doing some quite interesting things! Be sure to check out XRAY!  I’ve just added them to my RSS reader…

And this just in from the “some day… over the rainbow…” category….

And finally, a few highlights from my latest delve into the world of web fonts

  • But IE doesn’t support some font formats via @font-face…  is this the solution?
  • Or is this “nightmare” the solution?
  • And all I can say here is… wow, just when you thought you were geeky enough…  :-)

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