Today’s Readings

For you designy-types out there, the Vintage Ad Browser is pretty fun to scroll through.  The About page claims they are all real ads from days gone by, so, I guess they are…

Also quite entertaining is the Cover Browser…  Come on, gang, get your comic-geek on!

Reading an article from the last-ever issue of Fortune Small Business magazine (now absorbed into Small Business), which, ironically, included their last annual Next Little Thing article, I was fascinated by the following technologies:

A couple new ways of doing something you probably do everyday:

Anyone doing robust WordPress work might enjoy this collection of WP posts.

And anyone interested in experimenting with some of the new CSS3 Transforms, westciv comes through with yet another amazing tool.

And finally, all you JavaScript and jQuery geeks out there, mark January 14 on your geekiest calendar for The 14 Days of jQuery.  My official prediction: something on at least one of those days will blow your mind…

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