Today’s Readings

Is everyone ready for yet another browser?  Well, at least this one is backed by Marc Andreessen, so, who knows, it might just be good!

The latest from Mr. Resig (jQuery author), pretty cool graphically, but really only useful (I think) if you have an open source JS suite that you want to test.

A “little” something for Ned (and anyone else interested in URL shorteners):

For all you designers, wannabes, or wannalooklikes in the audience, a few Firefox add-ons with a focus on design I personally use Firebug, Web Developer, ColorZilla and MeasureIt every day, so, maybe it’s not just for designers after all…

Anyone looking to add some progressive enhancement CSS to their sites (or just play in the future a little)?  It’s interesting to see how cross-browser you can get with this stuff, albeit with a little extra code…

And finally, a nice, peaceful trip down memory lane (definitely check-out the last two!)…

Happy reading,

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