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Today’s Readings

Is everyone ready for yet another browser?  Well, at least this one is backed by Marc Andreessen, so, who knows, it might just be good! The latest from Mr. Resig (jQuery author), pretty cool graphically, but really only useful (I … Continue reading

Very Cool, Inspiring, Innovative Designs (check-out all the categories in the right column!) Happy designing, Atg Top⇪

Firefox: Making IE Look Worser and Worser with Each Incremental Release…

CSS enhancements, speed improvements, and more… Oh IE… Happy browsing, Atg Top⇪

For a truly semantic web…

Want truly semantic HTML? Maybe we should drop the strict tag names… If HTML wanted to be truly semantic, to offer the most flexible and descriptive structure it can, it would ease back a little and absorb a bit more … Continue reading

Building a better favicon?

A while back I wrote about adding favicons to websites. They’re simple, they’re cute, and they seem to really impress clients. So why not? At the time I recommended a freeware, Adsen FavIcon, for the job. Since that time, a … Continue reading

When Launching a New Website, Be Sure to Visit Google Webmaster Central

So, you been around the block several times with your client, you’ve confirmed all designs and layouts, you’ve double-checked all the functionality of your newest creation, and now you finally have the okay from the client to launch the site, … Continue reading

Use HTML5 and Advanced CSS Features Now

The website says it best: Have you ever wanted to do if-statements in your CSS for the availability of cool features like border-radius? Well, with Modernizr you can accomplish just that! Modernizr is a small (7kb) JavaScript file that checks … Continue reading