Use HTML5 and Advanced CSS Features Now

The website says it best:

Have you ever wanted to do if-statements in your CSS for the availability of cool features like border-radius? Well, with you can accomplish just that!

Modernizr is a small (7kb) JavaScript file that checks the user’s browser and determines which advanced features are supported, then appends classes to the body element like .borderradius or .no-borderradius. You can then target browsers with CSS like:
.borderradius h1{//styles you want these users to get...}
.no-borderradius h1{//and styles you want these users get...}

As an added bonus, Modernizr also adds HTML5 support similar to the IE Shiv!

Pretty cool stuff!

Happy Modernizing, and thanks for Dan “the Man” Mendelsohn for turning me on to this,

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