Firefox Bookmark Keywords get you to you favorite websites faster

Have you ever looked at the Properties of a Bookmark in Firefox?  You see the “Name”, “Location” and “Description”, which are all pretty self-explanatory.  Ever wondered what the “Keyword” thing was all about?  I know I never did.  I just figured it something that Firefox thought might be useful someday, perhaps if I uploaded my list of Bookmarks to some website somewhere.

However, it turns out that this little field is fantastically powerful!  Try creating a new Bookmark in Firefox (perhaps, then opening the Properties (right-click a Bookmark then click Properties) and adding a Keyword for that Bookmark (perhaps “goog” (without the quotes)).

Now, still in Firefox, open a new Tab (Ctrl+T will get you there quickly).

Notice how your cursor is automatically in the Location bar?  Try just typing “goog” (again, without the quotes) and hit Enter.

Find yourself staring at the oh-so-familiar website called Google?  That’s your Keyword at work!

So, while the process of adding Keywords might seem a little laborious, you can easily see how powerful it can be!

  1. Ctrl+T
  2. Keyword
  3. Enter

That’s all it takes to get you to any of your favorite website!

Thanks to Josh Hoeltzel for pointing-out this powerful to me!

Happy bookmarking,

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