Monthly Archives: July 2009

Firefox Bookmark Keywords get you to you favorite websites faster

Have you ever looked at the Properties of a Bookmark in Firefox?  You see the “Name”, “Location” and “Description”, which are all pretty self-explanatory.  Ever wondered what the “Keyword” thing was all about?  I know I never did.  I just … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

This site has some awesome jQuery, too bad the site is dead without JS… tisk-tisk… Pretty cool UI, but ditto: Ditto… And wow, this one snaps in half pretty badly, but it sure has some cool interaction … Continue reading

Could Typekit be a Realistic Alternative for Any of Your Sites?

Could Typekit be a realistic alternative for any of your sites? To help you decide, you can read all about it. The same font can be used across various development environments with no additional cost, and you can even customize … Continue reading

Not-So-Subtle Tactics to Obliterate IE6

A great new redirect page for all your IE6-users. Maybe this will help get the message across… :-) Happy assailing, and thanks for the referral, Alex, Atg Top⇪

Proof of just how dangerous a little early-morning coffee can be…

So, a seemingly-harmless line in the Google blog ( sent me merrily tangenting this morning… In the post titled “Design patterns for accessible, crawlable and indexable content” (, under the section header titled “CSS sprites and navigation links”, I read … Continue reading