View Source from Firefox Directly into your HTML Editor

How many times have you had to take a webpage you are viewing, make a flat file and tinker with it in your favorite HTML Editor (I use Dreamweaver, so I’ll use it in this post)?

To do this, you View Source, File Save As, navigate to some location on your hard-drive, save that file, then open that file in Dreamweaver, right?

Did you know you can view the source from FF and have that source open directly into Dreamweaver?

Here’s how (this requires Firefox and the Web Developer ( toolbar add-on):

  1. On the Web Developer toolbar (NOT the Firefox menu) click: Options > Options… > View Source
  2. Under View Source With, click Add…
  3. Give this short-cut a name, something clever like… Dreamweaver
  4. Navigate to Dreamweaver (something like …Program Files > Macromedia > Dreamweaver > dreamweaver.exe)
  5. Click OK, click OK
  6. Restart Firefox
  7. Then, to view the source of a page directly in Dreamweaver, on the Web Developer toolbar (NOT the Firefox menu) click: View Source > Dreamweaver

Pretty cool, eh?

Happy sourcing,

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