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Develop websites with @font-face!

So, @font-face has been around forever, right?  And it is never going to catch on, right?  We’re going to have to cut graphic headers for any good-looking font for the rest of our careers, right? Bah, I say! How do … Continue reading

Use FREE fonts and @font-face to develop your website

[Editors note: Check-out my other post for @font-face development details.] For YEARS we’ve been wanting to use @font-face to give us more than the, what, 6-7? web-safe fonts that we can comfortably use cross-browser… And while many prefer to bash … Continue reading

Developing websites with HTML5 and CSS3

With this new blog, comes new technology: this blog is written using HTML5 and a dash of CSS3. When I set out to finally create this blog, I decided it would be home to all the latest and greatest news … Continue reading

For a truly semantic web…

Want truly semantic HTML? Maybe we should drop the strict tag names… If HTML wanted to be truly semantic, to offer the most flexible and descriptive structure it can, it would ease back a little and absorb a bit more … Continue reading