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In the world of insta-Tweet news flying around, I consider myself somewhat of a dinosaur for still reading RSS feeds, and sheepishly admit that I still read… email newsletters… Any of you kids out there remember those?

Well, in truth, I don’t read them as often as I used to, but have decided to catch-up on the 50+ in my Inbox… Here goes!

Google is trying to help you speed-up your website, from inside your Apache server! Really great concept, if you have a server where you can install mods any time you like.

Did you know you can make your very own jQuery expressions? I guess it makes sense that you could, I just never thought about doing it before. At first you might think, “Well, what’s the difference between that and a function?” The beauty of extending jQuery in any way is being able to chain things…

At first I was really interested to learn of Photoshop’s Zoomify option. Then I ran through the example and saw the output… I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Adobe outputs Flash, but this sample of the HTML they create:
<BODY BGCOLOR=#000000>
<TABLE BGCOLOR=#000000 ...

And later, even got a nice flashback of:
<Font size="1" face="arial" color="#999999">...</Font>
(Love that capitalized Font tag…) Granted, this is CS4, which came out in 2008, but come on guys!

Any PHPers out there? And do you use MySQL as your DB? I’ll bet you do. And I’ll bet you’re guilty of at least a couple of these MySQL mistakes… Nice, quick lesson!

Tired of having to create a screen capture and open or paste it into PS in order to create a visual of your thought or idea? The Firefox Photoshop plug-in is here to rescue you!

Hmmm… Still hate the separation of the web into “the web” and “the app”, but this is intriguing… Leave it to Googie!

An absolutely mind-boggling collection of images related to Discovery’s final flight… Seriously cool sh-tuff. Thanks for the link goes to Dan Mendelsohn.

tinySrc seems like a pretty cool service for creating responsive design websites, allowing you to insert a single <img> and have tinySrc serve an image sized properly for the device to which you’re serving it. They also offer several API options for controlling sizes (be sure to check the near-invisible “Next” link at the bottom of each page). Huh.

Wanna keep an eye on your laptop or phone if it ever “walks away”? How about a free, open-source way to do it? (Doesn’t seem to download onto iPhones, will have to try the wifey’s Droid…)

Ever wanted to make a website using no HTML whatsoever? Yeah, me neither, but it’s kind of cool that you can… isn’t it?

FacestarAnd finally, a cute graphic from SitePoint; it isn’t really that far off, now is it?  (Sorry, Mike!  :-)

Okay, I’m caught-up to the end of January… Whew! More to come soon!

Happy reading,

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