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Catching up on a LOT of backed-up readings after finally getting a couple large projects out the door, so, let’s dive right in!

Not a totally new idea, but a great use of CSS none-the-less (scroll down to see the effect, if that isn’t obvious).

And leave it to Nicolas Gallagher to come up with these CSS drop-shadow gems!  Note that you’ll have to View Source to see what’s really behind these curtains, er, shadows, since Firebug does not show the entire picture…  Nicolas is an absolute mad man when it comes to integrating generated content (:after, :before) into his CSS…

Anyone that uses Basecamp, but is frustrated by not being able to use it while you’re walking around town or hanging out with friends at the pub (right?), should check-out Basecamp Mobile.  And for anyone that builds websites, check it out to see what you should be doing to put an end to the “need” for Apps (granted, it’s no where nearly as cool on the BB as it is on the iPhone, but it works just the same)…

And if you’d like to propagate current mobile app UIs, here is a great collection of mobile patterns.

If only I could stick a USB cable in my ear… A couple of my favorite stats are:

  • “gaming hardware has always had more computing power than the world’s supercomputers”
  • “Back in 1986, pocket calculators represented about 40 percent of all computer capacity” (pocket calculators, remember those?)
  • “To put our findings in perspective, the 6.4*1018 instructions per second that human kind can carry out on its general-purpose computers in 2007 are in the same ballpark area as the maximum number of nerve impulses executed by one human brain per second”

An absolutely glorious trip down Microsoft memory lane…  I mean, seriously, when was the last time you thought about a serial mouse or saw the MS-DOS Prompt icon?

Another shining example of someone with a LOT of time on their hands…  Great use of Rodrigo y Gabriela, though…

And another, what a great mixture of all the current techno-bits:

Thanks to Cameron Moll for the link! I especially love when she jumps from the YouTube video into the rental car ad…

How do you rank on the HTML5 Simple Quizzes?  But, doesn’t HTML5 Doctor need to change their domain name now??  Sadly, the shortened domain name is already taken, and could actually use a doctor…  Nice <TD>s, guys… (ah, scroll down: <!-- End ImageReady Slices -->… shoulda known… :-)

<!-- Start rant... -->
Please believe me when I say that I get why everyone wants to get rid of IE6 (I too am firmly entrenched in that desire), but I also recognize why some people/corporations/organizations can’t.  So I think the IE6 Countdown is as cute as the suggested developer messaging is ludicrous.  Further deepening my love for Bruce Lawson comes a great question for Microsoft…  Essentially, “you guys made this mess, why don’t you clean it up?”  Personally, I never understood why Google had to create Chrome Frame, or why Microsoft didn’t just make it part of a Security Patch for IE6…  Wait, sorry, that sentence did include “Microsoft”… of course I understand…
<!-- End rant... -->

And speaking of our good friends at Microsoft, it seems IE9 furthers their solid tradition of breaking the Internet with every fix they implement!  (Give it a click, all you @font-facers out there.)

Back to Bruce, quickly, interesting stats regarding screen readers and JavaScript…  Okay, Dan, I’ll shut-up now…

And finally, ending on a lighter note, this brings new meaning to a full head on your beer

Happy reading,

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