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Today’s Readings

With my recent move to Germany, I’m passively looking for work. You have to love the honesty in a job postings like this: “Creative and professional website at low cost”… Hey, sounds like a great opportunity, eh! Finally! A website … Continue reading

Ingenious Things I’m Loving About Germany

Just over four weeks into our residence in Germany and the most common word my wife and I find ourselves using when we encounter something new and different is “civilized”… Not the word I expected to use. I expected “efficient”, … Continue reading

Hi Germany, Nice to Meet You!

It has now been nearly three weeks, and (astonishingly, we’re told) we already have an apartment (really a townhouse, for some reason, basically our last 3 apartments combined), both passed our German driver license test (which we’re told some fail … Continue reading

The Start of a New Beginning

My iPhone says it’s 5:58pm. It’s Friday, November, 18, 2011. I stand on the subway platform under Rockefeller Center waiting for the D train to take me to Harlem, taking me “home” to a friend’s house where my wife waits. … Continue reading

Bye-bye Firefox, Hellooooooo Chrome: Making the Switch for Developers is Nearly a No-Brainer…

I would assume that, at least in this regard, I am like most web developers: I use Firefox as my primary development browser because it was the first to offer all the Add-ons that made my life soooo much easier, … Continue reading

Moving to Germany, Looking for Connections

Well, after six-plus years in New York City, my wife and I are packing up the gypsy wagon once more and moving to Germany! She’s been offered a great job opportunity and it was just too good to pass up. … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Let’s start this one off without a bang… As in, no explosion, no combustion, just air, powering a car… Not perfect, but a darned-site better than the puffs of exhaust coming out of cars, vans and trucks currently! For some … Continue reading

WordPress Plug-in: Navigation Menu IDs & Classes

2015-03-13 UPDATE: Slight update, available in the WordPress repo and on GitHub, check the README.txt for details. 2013-03-19 UPDATE: Now available on GitHub: Back in July 2011, I wrote about cleaning up the navigation menus in WP. In that … Continue reading

Making a Case for the Death of Website Navigation

When was the last time you went to a site that you hadn’t visited before and found what you were looking for by using the website’s navigation? Often even the Contact Us info can be a mystery.  I’m screaming at … Continue reading

Update WordPress Comment Form to HTML5, Without Hacking Core Templates

For some reason, WordPress 3.2.1 still uses <input type=”text”…> for email and website addresses on their Leave a Reply form… But to edit those <input> types, you have to edit a core template, found in the wp-includes folder, which, of … Continue reading