Moving to Germany, Looking for Connections

Well, after six-plus years in New York City, my wife and I are packing up the gypsy wagon once more and moving to Germany! She’s been offered a great job opportunity and it was just too good to pass up.

We’re heading to a town called Landstuhl, which is about 90-min southwest of Frankfurt.

So, if you know anyone in that area, please feel free to reach-out to me or forward my information, we’re definitely up for meeting new people once we get settled!

And while my wife has her job lined-up, I do not… I’d like to find something that requires me to get up, leave the house, and interact with others, but, as the area is not exactly the hustle-and-bustle of Berlin or Munich, I am also looking into remote and/or freelance work.

So, additionally, if you know of anything that you think might be a fit, please feel free to reach-out to me or forward my information to anyone you think might be interested. Here are my resume and C.V.:

Danke, und bis sp├Ąter!,

One Response to Moving to Germany, Looking for Connections

  1. Tom Hermans says:

    Although still some 3hours away, you’ll definitely coming closer ;)

    Good to know competent people coming closer, and I know how to reach you

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