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Saying Good-Bye to a Reluctant Superstar

Marking the passing of a reluctant superstar, Neil Peart or Rush. His impact on drumming and music in general is unquestionable. His impact on my life, personally, is equally so. Good-bye for now my unknown friend.  Thanks for the inspiration, travel safely… Continue reading

Today’s Readings

The latest installment in my “Today’s Readings” series, offering my rants and thoughts based on findings from around the world-wide web. Happy reading! Continue reading

R.I.P. Mr. Clive Burr

If you’re here for my usual techy-geeky-stuff, sorry, this post is a personal note. It has taken a few days for me to be ready to write this… Clive Burr, the former drummer for the heavy metal band Iron Maiden, … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

I wrote some time ago about the Tractor Beam and the Tricorder both slowly moving from Star Trek to reality. Now we’re talking about the Universal Translator. “But we already have Google Translate and Siri,” you say? Well watch this … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Change the Tune: a great way to keep the office harmonious, let out a little pent-up frustration, and give everyone a little exercise! A really great, easy-to-follow tutorial on how to build a responsive design site, from the ground-up.  For … Continue reading