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Today’s Readings

For lovers of Pandora, provides a similar “assumption-based” streaming service.  You pick a genre and they automatically bounce you from audio site to audio site, playing new and interesting tracks for you, all from within their portal.  It’s a … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

In keeping with my strong belief that we should be building a unified web (not one fragmented between websites and “an app for this” and “an app for that”, etc.), I have to say I am deeply intrigued by the … Continue reading

Fonts, Fonts, Everywhere, But Not a Font in Use…

Okay, brief Iron Maiden reference out of the way, now to the action… A brief note: I will be using the term “common font” to mean anything you can typically rely on to already be on a user’s computer (Helvetica, … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Feeling kind of designy… Need to make a cool infographic? Old book cover designs are awesome… What does your work area look like? Inspired, and want to take note of a color palette, no matter where you are?  There’s an … Continue reading

Want to Get Away?

Check-out this video…  pop-it to full-screen… Apparently a real-time, 10-minute, single video shot, from Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium… Happy relaxing, Atg Top⇪