Today’s Readings

A few really nice HTML5 and CSS3 resources came out recently.  Check them out!

  • 25 HTML5 Features, Tips, and Techniques you Must Know
    A good list, whether you’re experienced or new to HTML5.
  • HTML5 Reset
    A starting point for all your new HTML5 projects, including HTML template and CSS reset.
  • CSS3 Playground
    Not completely unlike other variations, but does a really good job of letting you easily play with several CSS3 items.  Have to say, though, not all that practical, since it only offers the CSS for the browser you’re currently using… (WestCiv at least allows you to switch between Mozilla or WebKit, but CSS3Please just gives them all to you, one fell-swoop.)
  • An introduction to the Canvas 2D API
    I’m not totally sold on the practicality of <canvas> yet, but it can’t hurt to at least keep up a little…

Happy HTML5ing and CSS3ing,

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