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Been a while!  So let’s dive right in…

Anyone into stargazing?  The Google Sky app for Android seems like a pretty cool way to do it!

I’ve never found any reason to consider switching from jQuery to YUI, but I have to say, the Preview Release of YUI3 sounds like it has some very advanced features, like touch events and a preference for CSS3 Transitions where available (falling back to JS Animation where not).

This just in from the cuckoo-pants <canvas> implementations desk.  Recommended for use with Chrome or Safari, be sure to Show Options and play with them all…

If you are not yet fully excited about HTML5 and CSS3, check this (don’t be put off by the first few silly examples, wait for the magic…):

Video: Paul Rouget on Mixing the web! (Mozilla Summit 2010)

Want to try-out a font on an existing site, before buying, downloading and installing?  Try Font Fonter.

Yet another great feature for (some) Google users (in some paces): multiple sign-in. Probably most useful for developers doing client work (or someone that shares a browser with their spouse?), once you set-up multiple users, you get a new drop-down next to your email address in the upper right corner that allows you to switch between Google accounts.

And finally, I’ve often joked that I am waiting for “thought-recognition” software. Well, thanks to Tan Le, apparently it’s here…

Video: Tan Le: A headset that reads your brainwaves

Happy reading,

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