How to Get Started with HTML5 and CSS3 (Twice…)

Amazingly, within days of each other, two HTML5/CSS3 starter kits come screaming down the Information Superhighway:

  1. First from Monkey Do! comes HTML5 Reset, with such hits as:
    • HTML5 document structure
    • About half a dozen IE-specific CSS files
    • Popular IE-correcting Javascript files
    • Comes in both a “Bare Bones” version (stripped down to the essentials) and a “Kitchen Sink” version (when we want the option to remove features)
    • And more!
  2. And from Paul Irish and Divya Manian comes HTML5 Boilerplate, offering such greatness as:
    • Cross-browser compatible (you would expect less?)
    • HTML5 ready (or at least as close as you can get)
    • “no-js” / “js” classes added
    • Mobile browser optimizations
    • And other great bonuses, read the entire list!

Both look interesting, though I personally haven’t done a flat HTML site in some time, would be nice to see at least one of these converted into a WordPress theme.

Hmm… sounds like a good summer project…  :-)

Happy HTML5ing,

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