Today’s Readings

First some good news from Google: Voice Actions for Android.  Pretty slick.

And now the bad.  Or is it?  I’m still trying to read between the lines in Google’s and Verizon’s new partnership on net neutrality…  There is a lot of information flying around about this out there, and Google is trying to sort out fact from fiction, but I’m still not convinced…  Any thoughts out there?

Last item on this issue is SitePoint’s great summation of the situation.

A great new HTML5 inspiration: HTML5Rocks

Like coding for Accessibility or good SEO, mobile-friendly sites start with good, solid HTML, but with a few extra bits, you too can build a single site that mobile-friendly.

Yet another iThing item that makes you wonder “what the hell took so long?”.

In the year… 2000…”  See ads for products from the far-off time of 2010!

Great history lesson / inspiration for you designy people out there.

And, from LessConf3010 comes Cameron Moll‘s video, Good vs. Great Design.

From the land of web fonts come some truly great, great news: Adobe partners with Typekit!

And speaking of type, ever wanted to know too much about the alphabet?  Well, I Love Typography is here to help…

And finally, this does explain why the Star Wars movies slowly degraded into disappointing movies

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