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In keeping with my strong belief that we should be building a unified web (not one fragmented between websites and “an app for this” and “an app for that”, etc.), I have to say I am deeply intrigued by the idea of PadPressed.

Another very useful CSS generator, CSS3 Maker, helping to make the decision whether or not to use CSS3 even easier…

Thomas Fuchs, you, Mr. Scriptaulous, points out the most expensive operation a browser conducts, and how we as developer might improve out techniques to improve user experience.

Vimeo, you rock: an embeddable video player that chooses between Flash or HTML5, definition and compression, based on the user’s set-up.  And for us WP users, they recommend using the embed iframe plug-in.

JavaScripters: read;

An Ajaxian article by Brad Neuberg highlights the tricks Flash developers could teach us HTML5ers, if only we bothered to pay attention.  After all, they’ve been doing cool visual stuff a LOT longer than we have…

Al Franken on Net Neutrality:

Best quote, I think: “We can’t let companies write the rules that they’re supposed to follow…”

And finally, ever thought of converting all your CSS and JS to a PNG, then having the client unpack that via <canvas>?  Of course, you haven’t who in the world would?  Apparently Jacob Seidelin and Alex Le would

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