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For lovers of Pandora, provides a similar “assumption-based” streaming service.  You pick a genre and they automatically bounce you from audio site to audio site, playing new and interesting tracks for you, all from within their portal.  It’s a great way to not only discover new and interesting music, but also new and interesting music sites.  I do believe I have found my new work muse…

To anyone having a tough time dating, here is a little chart that you should probably print out and take with you on your next date.

Maybe not quite as entertaining (or educational) as the SEO Rapper, but the CSS3 Song is pretty cool, if for no other reason than being performed with a ukulele…


Staying on the CSS bandwagon for just a sec, check-out these cool WebKit-only, CSS-only map markers (Warning: looks like ass in Firefox, and I would assume IE).  Ajaxian does a nice write-up and explanation of how this works.

Okay, just one more CSS thingy… The extremely entertaining presenter, Bruce Lawson, rants about people that bundle CSS3 into the term HTML5:

There has been a good bit of discussion about this topic lately, and this is by no means intended as a serious contribution to that conversation.  It is meant as simple ranting entertainment.  And nicely done at that…

And finally, to all you aspiring actors out there, here is an aid to help you learn some of the most challenging dialog ever written for the big screen.

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