My First WP Theme: “Boilerplate: Starkers”

Building on the shoulders of giants, I present to you the Boilerplate: Starkers WordPress theme!

Having been thoroughly inspired yet again by Paul Irish, this time working with Divya Manian, and their HTML5 Boilerplate, I couldn’t wait to build all of the goodness into my current WP blog theme.

Then, I thought, “for the most part, this is really how everyone should be starting their WP theme…”

So… check this shizzle:

The first thing you will likely notice is that the design is… a little stark… It is, in fact, completely starkers, as in the Starkers theme by Elliot Jay Stocks! I started with this “bare naked” theme to give users the most flexibility without them having to cut things out. The idea would be for users to create Child themes that can build off of this Parent.

I then started adding in all of Paul and Divya’s goodness, like HTML5, Microformats, etc., but once again, I didn’t want users to have to cut things out of the templates if they didn’t need/want them, so I fashioned a Boilerplate Admin panel (below) that allows users to toggle the inclusion of such features as a handheld or print CSS file, Modernizr, jQuery, etc.  Checking any of the options automatically adds the respective files to the page.

Boilerplate Admin Panel

The most significant mark-up change I made was moving the IE Conditional Comments from around the <body> tag to around the <head> <html> tag (thanks for the edit, Dan). I felt this not only better fit with the Modernizr approach, but also interfered less with the native WP $bodyclass functionality. As a fortunate side-effect, it also allowed me to remove the empty Conditional Comment from the <head> (there to prevent CSS blocking).

The theme is available from the WordPress Repository, and I welcome any and all comments, thoughts, or musings.

Happy theming,

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