Today’s Readings

Feeling kind of designy…

Maybe it’s the new Mac I just bought…  And by new, I mean my first… [sniffle-sniffle]

Need an old version of some software?  Get it from

I feel like there is so much to jQuery, and so many different ways to do stuff, that it can never hurt to revisit lists like Commonly Confused Bits of jQuery…  There are some really great clarifications there.

A pretty interesting tactic for making a non-JS lightbox-style image zoom.  Be sure to check out the demo, best in WebKit browsers.

I love, love, love the idea of!  They plan to take client-side mobile apps and rebuild them as pure web-apps!  Be sure to follow the progress of their first attempt, the BBC News app.

To continue with that thought

And in case you didn’t pick-up on the HTML5 vibe

Perhaps not as technologically-advanced as Aiko (but not nearly as creepy, either), is Milo.  I smell the next-generation of Sims

Right on the heals of this great news about farming on Mars, comes horrible news about the condition our muscles would be in when we finally get to Mars…  Shucks…

I know it couldn’t get much geekier than this, but 365 days of Stormtroopers? Who could resist that??

And finally, it is easy, in our modern world, in our modern lives, to fall into a lull and believe “the world is really getting better” until you see Sheryl WuDunn’s TED Talk

Happy reading,

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