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Wow, this is some exciting stuff! And also so much worse than the old-school browser wars… :-) PWAs are already able to do so much that makes all the forked-coding, uploading, updating and managing app stores completely unnecessary, but the toughest hurdle remains, and has nothing to do with any of that: How can we get users to understand and accept that apps do not have live in the app stores?

I have been banging on about CSS container queries for what seems like an eternity. So long, in fact, that I gave up on them, assuming it will probably never happen! But low-and-behold, now container queries are doing the banging, on your favorite browser’s door!

Hopping on the web performance train for a hot second:

accent-color is a very simple progressive enhancement for adding branding to form elements. (Also love the bit about how browsers automatically adjust checkboxes and radio buttons for accessibility contrast!)

I must say, unless I am walking down a dark alley, I usually do not think much about shadows… But apparently my old-school box-shadow is pretty weak

Got a fixed header on your site? Ever use deep-links? Then you know the frustration of the deep-link text appearing under your fixed header… Most sites give extra top-padding to push it past the header, but scroll-margin-top is a way better way to make your sections headers appear below your fixed header!

Like music? Wish we could time travel? Well Radiooooo, by RADIOOOOO, let’s you at least time travel through music, from all around the world

And finally, speaking of time travel, I really enjoyed this nostalgic stroll through the history of web development, from the days before CSS, through the browser wars, past DHTML and Web 2.0, beyond the death of IE and into the future… Hope you enjoy it, too!

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