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PostCSS continues to impress, and this PostCSS Deep Dive series from Tuts+ helps make the case even stronger!

Open code file, scroll, scroll, scroll… squint… scroll… squint… Bah! Ctrl+F… Crap, what was the name of that function… We’ve all been there, right? Well, offers a few tricks to create more obvious “sections” within files that we just can’t (or simply don’t want to) break up.

The U.S. Web Design Standards. Awesome! But, like all standards guides, let’s see developers actually use them, and designers actually stick with them…

An index of every animatable SVG property… I wish the page actually stated that somewhere… “Appendix N: Property Index” is, um, less than useful…

A couple nice CSS text-align tips from .

EQCSS… is freaking gorgeous… The type="text/eqcss" is quite interesting, but the resulting capabilities are undeniably powerful! And with browser support back to IE9, and even older with the addition of a polyfill. (Wait, a polyfill for my polyfill? Meh, why not!) Be sure to read the first couple comments for a compare-and-contrast with another interesting element query polyfill, CSS-Element-Queries.

Rendr: run your Backbone.js apps seamlessly on both the client and the server

Creates the initial single-page app on the server, send actual HTML content sent to the browser, then the client-side JS kicks in and builds subsequent pages in the browser. Love!

I love the idea behind Zepto, and keep waiting for a project where using Zepto will be an option, and now they too have a custom build page

RAIL: A User-Centric Model For Performance. This creates performance expectations, in measurements, based on research, and creates guidelines for the four “pillars” of RAIL: Response, Animation, Idle and Load. From and , so no surprise that it’s really good stuff…

shows us How to Make Charts with SVG. He sure makes it look easy…

And from comes another installment of What’s New in Chrome DevTools. 47:43 minutes of pure DevTools goodness, some incredible new features! The slides are also available.

And finally, as an on-and-off bicycle commuter for 20+ years, from San Francisco to Washington, DC to New York City and Kaiserslautern, I try to push that commuter season as long as possible, but in all but San Francisco, each city eventually out-colds me… But here is a collection of Tips for Safe and Comfortable Cycling Through the Fall. And for fun, here is rush hour in Copenhagen; so gorgeous… But in case just the thought of all that pedaling exhausts you, I might have just what you need

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