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Looking for a Responsive Content Dialog(ue)

One of the larger issues when trying to create a truly responsive site is the content. Or rather, “what to send to whom…” (I am not trying to coin the next Ajax, but I am lazy, so I’m going to refer … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Change the Tune: a great way to keep the office harmonious, let out a little pent-up frustration, and give everyone a little exercise! A really great, easy-to-follow tutorial on how to build a responsive design site, from the ground-up.  For … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

As a (semi-)”reformed”-80s-metaller, I find the Metal Bands per 100,000 People infographic fascinating!  The obvious curiousity is why Scandanavia has so many bands per capita, but I’m also intrigued by the apparent plethora of bands in what appears to be … Continue reading