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Change the Tune: a great way to keep the office harmonious, let out a little pent-up frustration, and give everyone a little exercise!

A really great, easy-to-follow tutorial on how to build a responsive design site, from the ground-up.  For some it may seem a little basic, but I usually find that no matter how far beyond something I think I am, I can always find one or two nuggets tat either teach me something new or remind me of something I had forgotten.

Now that we’re finally getting to the point where we can start reliable using “advanced” CSS Selectors, you too might find a refresher course useful…

Since we’ve already talked about responsive sites and CSS, let’s combine them together and talk about an exciting new unit of measurement intended for viewports!  Support is still spotty, but getting there…

Sticking with CSS for just another sec, interesting article regarding vendor-prefixes, and whether the standard-version should be included, or not

Ok, sticking with CSS for just one more second… CSS-only tooltips, nice!

Do you care about “the fold/scroll”?  Your designers and business people do, that’s for sure! jQuery Scroll Depth is an easy-to-use plug-in for tracking scroll depth. Setting options let you track if users scroll a certain number of pixels or percentage of the page, or my fave, whether certain elements are scrolled into view!  Currently only set-up to use Google Analytics, and not sure if they plan to open it to other analytic programs, but it seems like a minor edit to the sendEvent function would make a change pretty easy.

I want so badly to one day read and actually understand design patterns. I really, really do. And for that one day when I can stay awake while trying to read about them, I have saved this link, because it looks like a really fantastic book.

And here is the article from which the above link doth come. Plenty more there to make me feel badly about m’self…

Get to know the Webkit Inspector a little better.

And while we’re in the Webkit Inspector, how about getting to know the Timeline a little better too?

And finally, no, time travel still isn’t here, but thanks to the wonders of technology and the Internet, you can flashback as if it were, and even see things never actually happened!

Happy reading,

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