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As a (semi-)”reformed”-80s-metaller, I find the Metal Bands per 100,000 People infographic fascinating!  The obvious curiousity is why Scandanavia has so many bands per capita, but I’m also intrigued by the apparent plethora of bands in what appears to be Bhutan (which surely helps their Gross National Happiness…), and the scarcity of bands in French Guiana compared to it’s South American neighbors…

View Source bookmarklet for iPad/iPhone with syntax highlighting, formatted/selectable text, and clickable links.  Definite improvement over previous option (which was a definite improvement of the previous option), but of course there are already requests for more: line numbers, no wrapping of text, and mine, adding proper indenting for readability.  The code is offered, if anyone cares to contribute!

I’m not sure what kind of witchcraft is going on behind the curtain here, but JPEGmini seems like a fantastic technology! Oh wait, the FAQ link is at the bottom of the page, and here it is:

JPEGmini works by analyzing the input image using a unique quality detector which imitates the human visual system, and based on this analysis applying the maximum amount of compression which will not cause visible artifacts.

And speaking of images, yet another responsive web image approach, this one focusing on WordPress, but could easily be applied anywhere, with either smaller black-and-white, or color, images.

And speaking of WordPress, here’s a nifty plug-in to add touch features to WP admin screens.  Thanks, Furf!

A pretty hilarious series of “honest” movie trailers.

Sci-Fi fan? Well here’s a little something for your next extended bus/train/plane trip!

Thanks, Dan, for pointing out the latest Zepto.js release. At 8.4k, when minified and compressed, it is one sexy option to jQuery, in my opinion, as long as you don’t need IE, it appears to be a great, lightweight way to go!

Want to know what computers will look like in the future?  Well, if the year were 1982, they’d look like this

A very slick, responsive, no JS slideshow!  (Okay, there is ONE bit of JS, just to fix <label>s in iOS, but none to make stuff move…)  Play with your screen size (I personally like leaving the screen size large, then clicking the monitor size icons at the top of the page…), read the explanation, then dig into the code.  So simple… Not sure why I never realized one could use more than one <label> per <input>

The idea is great, but I cannot imagine being able to properly set-up, or remove, the one-handed beer bottle opener, with just one hand…

And finally, if you still struggle with understanding why some people have such trouble with technology, it’s because most of what we say sounds to them like this… :-)

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  1. Larry Botha says:

    The Scandinavian governments fund their metal bands in addition to popular cultural arts like ballet and classical ensembles as most other countries do.

    It goes to show why some of the most influential and talented acts are coming out of Europe, and the Scandinavian area in particular :)

    JPEGmini looks great, Aaron! PNGmini has served me excellently so far, glad to see there’s a jpeg compressor available now too!

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