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Really beautiful cloud reproduction using CSS & JS.  I especially love that it can go full-screen, but I do wish I could “disconnect” my mouse movements from the cloud orientation.  Oh, and the Michael Bay Preset is a nice touch too…

Nice work-around for fluid text flow and floating images in responsive design layouts.

Kudos to Google for helping foot the bill, and congrats to the Nelson Mandela Centre or Memory.  I expect to lose a lot of time at that URL… (the link in the article was bonk for me, but this got me where I wanted to go:

Pretty cool visual of wind patterns over the contiguous 48 U.S states.  You can zoom in by clicking an area, and some times you get additional city information to help orient where you are.  I find the two largely unwindy spots interesting, but annoyingly, neither offers the name of any cities near them…  An inion-skin overlay of a Google Map or something would be nice (especially since the creators apparently work for Google…).

A simply bad-ass article on improving web performance by delaying unnecessary content loads, without harming accessibility to the content, from the good folks that brought us the new Boston Globe site. I love, love, love this!

Just when you thought the infinite-scrolling-changing-page fad was growing cold, here comes jQuery Scroll Path. The demo is kind of silly to prove a point, but I could see some really artistic applications for this.

Okay, since we’re talking about the Invasion of the Scroller sites, I have somehow still not seen Inception, so I didn’t want to scroll to the end and ruin the movie for myself, but here is an explanation of the movie. Not sure if it’s accurate, of course, but there it is…

A very clever combination of :hover and :active to give us CSS-only drop-downs; again, no JavaScript at all on the examples. Sweetness.

And this is another pretty clever example of CSS-only effects, using über-long transition timings.

I’ve been hearing about CSS Regions recently, so I was pleased to see this article about them. A nice explanation, and certainly an exciting idea for responsive design content reflow!

Serious geek-time here, but for any coders, here is an interesting look into the methods of debugging a Google Maps issue. Beyond the steps and approach someone else took, there are also some cool tools and tips that I wouldn’t have used / thought of.

Interesting catalog of release dates for all major browsers.

And finally, ever want to ride into space aboard the Space Shuttle? Yeah, me too! Ever want to ride into space while hanging onto the outside of a Solid Rocket Booster (the pencil-shaped rockets that fly off of the Shuttle and fall back to Earth)? Yeah, me neither! But now we “can”, via YouTube! Be sure to stick around (or jump ahead) to about 7:20 when they splash back into the ocean…

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  1. Andrew Lee says:

    Just found your blog – really digging the Today’s Readings posts. You seem to always find something I missed!


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