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New Zealand 100% Pure offers some great interactive design (and the responsive design is pretty good, at least until you get down to the small-tablet-ish size). The opening page takes similar, previously-seen techniques to a new level, but I really love how the site interacts “with itself” when you get to the inner pages, how clicking something on the left affects the map and offers on the right. A seriously in-depth explanation of the site from Smashing Magazine.

This makes me feel very, very small…

And this puts me completely in awe…

Great video of the Stephen Woods‘ talk, Creating responsive HTML5 touch interfaces. A lot of very-easy-to-listen-to ah-ha moments.

And this SitePoint article might be one of the best finds in a while for those struggling with image sizes & dimensions on their responsive design projects!

My last Today’s Readings post talked about Weinre. Here’s a built-in Android-only version of the same development tool. Nice!

And maybe even nicer is Adobe Shadow, which lets you remotely debug across any device! There are a couple hoops to jump through, none impossible, though the one that could be a hang-up for some is that the desktop on which you’re doing the debugging and the mobile device on which you’re testing must be on the same network (which means both will likely need to run on the same wi-fi… not a biggy for laptopers, but desktopers will probably need a wifi stick?).

Great collection of JavaScript performance links, mostly in the scope of game developing, but if you can’t learn something about performance from game developing, well, then you should probably be game developing…

Anyone else think the <picture> element could save a lot of multi-device development headaches?

Another CSS creation helper site, 3D CSS Tester, helps with making, well, 3D CSS. Sweet.

Pretty slick CSS-only accordion. Granted, it uses stuff that won’t work on older browsers, but who cares about those now-days, riiiiiggghhhttt??

Ever wanted to cruise down the Amazon, looking around at all the fascinating foliage and nature that surrounds you? Me too, and thanks to Google Street View, now I can, from the comfort of my couch… Not quite the same, I’m sure, but cool none-the-less!

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