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Today’s Readings

Really beautiful cloud reproduction using CSS & JS.  I especially love that it can go full-screen, but I do wish I could “disconnect” my mouse movements from the cloud orientation.  Oh, and the Michael Bay Preset is a nice touch too… … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

New Zealand 100% Pure offers some great interactive design (and the responsive design is pretty good, at least until you get down to the small-tablet-ish size). The opening page takes similar, previously-seen techniques to a new level, but I really … Continue reading

Building Your Very Own, Custom Version of Modernizr!

I fell in love with Modernizr the moment I set eyes on it. I was irreversibly enraptured when html5shiv was added to it. One issue I have with Modernizr, though, is that is tests lots of features that I don’t … Continue reading