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With my recent move to Germany, I’m passively looking for work. You have to love the honesty in a job postings like this: “Creative and professional website at low cost”… Hey, sounds like a great opportunity, eh!

Finally! A website that tells me what to drink based on the music I’m listening to! And once I know what mood I should be in, I’ll know what music to play! My life is finally starting to take shape…

For anyone looking for a little design inspiration, UI Parade is here to help. Some are a bit silly IMO, but others are pretty cool-looking!

This jQuery plug-in is a little dizzying, but also absolutely amazing!

Admittedly I’ve not yet been able to test-drive this, and I could not imagine editing code on an iPad, but if I ever did want to, this seems like a cool way to do it!

GoDaddy, GoDaddy, GoDaddy…  You’ve been wrong so many times about what to do and how to do it, that no one should be surprised that you got it wrong regarding SOPA too…  At this point, you really should just take the Costanza approach

So, what’s the largest hard-drive you’ve ever seen?  My laptop has a 500GB hard-drive..  My external hard-drive is also 500GB.  I have a friend that has over 1TB. My very first computer didn’t even have a hard-drive…  Well I’m going to lay money on the fact that this is the largest hard-drive you’ve ever seen.  Any takers?

I’ve written about jQuery performance before, but I also feel like it’s a subject that really can’t be written about, and studied, enough, especially with the amount of jQuery that is getting written out there! Thanks to @kevinchisholm for the great reference!

I’m not a gamer, so please excuse me if this seems ignorant, but this technology seems to be a cool way to interact with anything on your laptop or TV.

Here are two wonderful articles announcing the impending demise of IE7, as both Facebook’s Timeline and Google Apps both officially drop support for the old clunker…  I reluctantly wish both IE6 & IE7 a whole-hearted good riddance, but what will the upcoming generation of web developers possibly think is “challenging”, if they can comfortably use things like display:table, min-height, and CSS pseudo-selectors?

And finally, it appears that Google is even suspicious of themselves…  Here is a snapshot of the result of a click from a Google Search, which was a Google site…
Google Error Message

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