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I wrote some time ago about the Tractor Beam and the Tricorder both slowly moving from Star Trek to reality. Now we’re talking about the Universal Translator. “But we already have Google Translate and Siri,” you say? Well watch this video, and compare yourself (there is a lot of build-up, jump to about 7:30 for the live, same-voice, English-to-Chinese translation).

Nicholas Zakas is always good for some off-the-wall JS, and here is another fine example: JavaScript APIs you’ve never heard of (and some you have)

If you have not yet had a chance to play around with Google JAM, you seriously should! While not quite the same as playing a real instrument, it is amazing, if only judging by the technology that went into making it work!

Some cool CSS navigation animation options in Baraja!

Although it is dependent on Modernizr and jQuery, Webshims Lib is incredible!

32GB, $24, and the size of a dime… Nuts!

It appears the answer to all of our global warming issues could be floating in the northern Pacific Ocean

I don’t think WebMD ever quite lived up to its desires, could Symcat come any closer?

A new, responsive, serious-journalism site has hits the web-waves, but I’ll let Jeremy explain it for you

Wow, our brains play jazz… Sounds like Thelonious must have already known this…

Wanna know the next time the International Space Station is due over your `hood? I’m signed up!

If only MacGruber had had Sugru

Could the new MySpace be the new… well, MySpace?

Google Chrome just introduced frames to their Web Console Timeline to help find the troublesome parts of your pages.

From Nettuts comes a nice tutorial on using the History API to aid with deep-linking. I’m looking at you Facebook…

Going beyond the typical basic-user comparison/review, Sencha compares processing speeds, JS benchmarks, etc. on the iPad and Surface.

And finally, ever wondered why we have two nostrils instead of just one? Yeah, me neither, but the first few minutes of this video explain (and it is interesting); after that, he just sort of goes off the deep-end (but still interesting).

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