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Today’s Readings

It has been a seriously long time since my last post, and with Hurricane Irene having forced me indoors for nearly 48 hours, and having retained both power and Internet throughout, I thought, hey, why not catch-up on some reading? … Continue reading

Update for WordPress Plugin wp-phpmyadmin

Recently there has been a lot of press about security issues with the seemingly defunct wp-phpmyadmin WordPress plug-in, which allows you to access phpMyAdmin from within a WordPress installation. The plug-in has been abandoned by the author, but for those … Continue reading

WordPress Navigation Menus: Clean-up Classes and Add Page Names as IDs

UPDATE: I have converted the below code into a WordPress plug-in, check it out! I would have thought this would be a lot easier than it initially was, and in the end, it is really simple, but it took some … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

A great history lesson in what will probably go down as the biggest step in HTML5 early-adoption.  Nice to be able to give credit where credit is due… Omg… Now you can “street” view the ocean… Living in Manhattan it … Continue reading

Know when your bus is late with live transit updates in Google Maps

Ironic to read as I stand on the corner, straining fruitlessly for the sight of anything useful coming my way… Noticeably, but not unexpectedly, absent from the list of data providers is New York City, of course… That ride, … Continue reading

Finally, an update to my Boilerplate: Starkers WP Theme!

Well, it took nearly 9 months, but the first real update to my Boilerplate: Starkers WP Theme is live! The update includes all of the current HTML5 Boilerplate updates that are applicable to WordPress. WordPress’ process still doesn’t allow me … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

From National Geographic, comes the Public Profiler, an interactive world map of surnames. Where do you have family? Was surprised to see “Grogg” so prominent in Switzerland… A great-looking product from Adobe, Adobe Nav, let’s you use your iPad as … Continue reading

Practical CSS3 Update

Beyond the introduction of color, Practical CSS3 has been upgrading with several new bits and pieces. Included in the updates are: Addition of new WebKit gradient (while preserving the old, for older puppies). Removal of all references to -ms-filter (cause … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

It is oft’ said that it is the little things in life that matters. In this case, it is the little big details that matter, offering you an ongoing collection of small details that make a huge difference in user … Continue reading

Building Your Very Own, Custom Version of Modernizr!

I fell in love with Modernizr the moment I set eyes on it. I was irreversibly enraptured when html5shiv was added to it. One issue I have with Modernizr, though, is that is tests lots of features that I don’t … Continue reading