Update for WordPress Plugin wp-phpmyadmin

Recently there has been a lot of press about security issues with the seemingly defunct wp-phpmyadmin WordPress plug-in, which allows you to access phpMyAdmin from within a WordPress installation.

The plug-in has been abandoned by the author, but for those of us that still find it useful, recent upgrades to PHP have been frustrating, because the plug-in made extensive use of ereg, eregi, ereg_replace, and eregi_replace, all of which are now deprecated, so the plug-in broke all over the place.

Well, if anyone would like an updated version, with the above deprecations replaced with their new counterparts (preg_match and preg_replace), you can download this ZIP:


I make no claims of understanding how the plug-in works, nor any claims of having fixed any security issues the plug-in may have (I did check that the line of code mentioned in the above articles was not in my code).  All I did was find the deprecations and update them, so… use at your own risk… :-)

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  1. Owen says:

    Don’t suppose you have a copy of this handy? The download link seems broken.

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