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It has been a seriously long time since my last post, and with Hurricane Irene having forced me indoors for nearly 48 hours, and having retained both power and Internet throughout, I thought, hey, why not catch-up on some reading?

Brilliant, and, as usual, Opera is not represented…

Need some new content filler, but bored with the old “Lorem ipsum…”? Make it hipper!

Great video, awful lot of walking… How many places do you recognize?

Couldn’t agree more, though it seemed pretty obvious to me…

I love this idea! Seems so simple, but not really when you look under the hood…

Bit of sad news lately, with Steve Jobs retiring, but it’s fun to find some lighter points

Glad I’m not buying an engagement ring any time soon, because a “big diamond” just got a lot bigger

Whether you’re designing web forms or not, as the article is built around, this is a great article on the various human naming conventions from around the world. Very educational, but don’t let that scare you…

I’ve always wanted to work on a Wacom tablet, and the Inkling (also from Wacom) looks pretty interesting too

And finally, a post that starts out talking about Hurricane Irene seems incomplete without something about said hurricane, so check-out this satellite time-lapse of Irene forming in the Atlantic, then increasing in size as she sweeps up the eastern seaboard… Or, if you’ve recently thought that you didn’t like your job, trying doing this guy’s job next time a hurricane comes into your area (scroll down for the video…).

Happy reading,

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