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Today’s Readings

Well, fresh back from Marianne’s and my 10th anniversary trip to Paris, I find this little treasure in my RSS Reader: a time-lapse video of Paris! Really beautifully shot. I wonder when he took all the photos, because there were … Continue reading

My First WordPress Plug-in: HTML5 Boilerplate

My love affair with HTML5 Boilerplate has not dissipated a single bit over the (months?) since I first discovered it, but the Boilerplate: Starkers Theme I made turned out to have a slight short-coming: if you already had a theme, … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

In the world of insta-Tweet news flying around, I consider myself somewhat of a dinosaur for still reading RSS feeds, and sheepishly admit that I still read… email newsletters… Any of you kids out there remember those? Well, in truth, … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Catching up on a LOT of backed-up readings after finally getting a couple large projects out the door, so, let’s dive right in! Not a totally new idea, but a great use of CSS none-the-less (scroll down to see the … Continue reading

Life Just Got a LOT More Interesting…

I could not possibly have ordered my Verizon iPhone any earlier, and now it is here… Good-bye olde Crackberry, you’ve served gallantly, rest peacefully… Top⇪

Today’s Readings

A grand collection of HTML5 sites.  Look, dig, learn.  Gotta love the web… Wow!  An amazing historical reference collection of design images from throughout history!  I can see a few people I know really losing themselves in here… Motion-sensing web … Continue reading

Sencha Animator: CSS3 Animations, Coded for You

Just stumbled across the Sencha Animator.  It’s sort of Flash, but the output is HTML and CSS3 instead of a SWF! Pretty powerful, if you check out some of the demos.  The “Page Flip Demo” uses an interesting combination of … Continue reading

Developing for WebKit Browsers

If you’re “lucky” enough to find yourself developing for iThings, you know you’re in a mixed-blessing situation: on one hand, you get a chance to play with absolute cutting-edge technology, pushing the browser as far as it can go, using … Continue reading

Steven Wright Jokes

I cannot promise that these are all the work of Steven Wright, but they are hilarious nevertheless… I’d kill for a Nobel Peace Prize. Borrow money from pessimists — they don’t expect it back. Half the people you know are … Continue reading

Today’s Reading

First of all, Happy New Year to you all! It’s an oft-barked theme, “Why We Should Start Using CSS3 and HTML5 Today“, but this quote specifically I can not read enough: “…we have to wake up to the fact that … Continue reading