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First of all, Happy New Year to you all!

It’s an oft-barked theme, “Why We Should Start Using CSS3 and HTML5 Today“, but this quote specifically I can not read enough:

“…we have to wake up to the fact that full cross-browser support of new technologies is just not going to happen. Some users will still use older browsers and some users will still have browsers with deactivated JavaScript or images; some users will be having weird view port sizes and some will not have certain plugins installed. But that’s OK, really.”

And really, it really is, if you build your pages correctly, the content will still get through…  and that’s supposed to be the important thing, right?

Some amazing CSS3 effects from Nicholas Gallagher.

Plan on doing any string concatenation in JavaScript?  I doubt any of us performs concatenations of this scale, but this SitePoint article was eye-opening none-the-less! (Be sure to read down far enough to get the IE7 stats…)

Ever open a CSS file only to find the code format to be, well, a mess?  I know I have, and it’s a lot harder to read and decipher that way.  You’d like to clean it up, but that is a royal pain!  So, why not let ProCSSor do it for you?  You can upload, copy/paste, or provide a URL, then adjust the Options for how clean you want the end result, which you can then copy or download…

And for anyone not yet familiar with it, you can do the same thing with JS or JSON files using JSBeautifier! (You can get similar results using JSLint or JSONLint, as long as you don’t mind your confidence in your JS skills being possibly diminished… :-)

Develop in WP?  How much time have you spent digging through files and folders trying to find examples of code that you’ve used before, is not in your current template, and you really don’t feel like hand-coding again?  Let WordPress Snippets help you out!  And thank goodness for that large Search feature, `cause I was getting nauseous trying to read through that cloud…

Okay, as top-notch developers, we’re all conscious of accessibility, right?  Of course!  But which of us has ever heard their websites interpreted by a screen reader?  I know I had not, because they’re expensive!  Until now.  Check out Web Anywhere, it is truly enlightening!

I will admit that I have not yet seen Inception, but I never-the-less truly enjoyed Cameron Adam‘s demo for the Web Directions South conference (you will need to be using the Google Chrome browser, and it does have sound)…  Using nothing but HTML5, “2458 lines of JavaScript and 841 lines of CSS.”  SitePoint does a nice explanation of Cameron’s work.

The next time you have 20-30 minutes to read a long article, check-out the 24Ways article A Contentmas Epiphany, by Relly Annet-Baker, it has some really great points and reference links regarding web design and development.  I especially love the short video If books were created like most websites

And finally, a little late for Xmas, I know, but the Sifteo interface looks to me like it just could be the “next big thing” in interactive digital gaming!

Happy reading,

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    I find this also useful: json formatter

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