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Well, fresh back from Marianne’s and my 10th anniversary trip to Paris, I find this little treasure in my RSS Reader: a time-lapse video of Paris! Really beautifully shot. I wonder when he took all the photos, because there were certainly no fountains with water in them when we were there… :-(

And speaking of speaking French… I have no idea what this woman’s words are saying, but some messages simply do not need words… The visual is simply gorgeous, and message simply powerful. Makes me wish I did something more meaningful with my free time…

Anybody want an iPad 2, but doesn’t want to shell-out the dinero for it?  Well, just get one online

Been reading a lot about Responsive Design lately. And I need to read a LOT more. But Andy Clarke created a nice starting spot, based on Mobile Boilerplate, but taking a (correcter) bottoms-up approach of starting with a simple device, and adding layers of sophistication to devices that can handle it.

For anyone building a site based on a grid (as all sites should be, at least a little), offers a pretty slick service! creates dynamic images based on querystring parameters that you pass in your URL. You can then use these images as background images as you’re developing to see how well your <div>s and such line-up with the grid. Neat idea!

For anyone that has to carry around around for 2-3 prong connectors for your USB cables in order to charge their devices, the U-Socket will undoubtedly become a product of interest for you. Too bad Christmas is still so far away…

A (fairly) new site on the web standards stage is Web Standards Sherpa. Connected to some pretty heavy names in our industry, the site endeavors to be a one-stop-shop for asking for and finding advice and guidance. So far, some pretty good topics!

A great new online tool for creating CSS animations: Ceaser. Needs a modern browser, but allows you to test and play with variations right in your browser, live, then grab the code that created the animation once you get it how you want it. Nice!

Sticking with online helpers, prefixMyCSS is the best thing to hit the CSS3 market since ColorZilla’s Gradient Generator… My new 1-2 punch! Thanks for the find, Scott! Shame it doesn’t do MS filters as well, but that’s just being greedy…

Also from Scott comes word of another Lorem Ipsum generator, but HTML-Ipsum offers that faux content pre-wrapped in several variations of HTML! Very handy…

Taking that one step further, this time from Je Suis , comes the HTML5 Template Generator, allowing you to enter a few tidbits into form fields and get starter HTML created for you. The index.php created uses a fairly old version of the HTML5 Boilerplate mark-up, but that is a fast moving target…

And taking that one step further, also from Je Suis, comes CodeKickOff, which let’s you pick from even more options, including whether your starter code should be flat HTML, WordPress, Drupal, whether it should include a grid, whether it should reflect HTML5 Boilerplate… Sheesh!

I know this is getting silly, but what can I do? Again, from Je Suis, comes Bones and Roots, both WordPress theme generators. Both are complete WordPress themes, and both include HTML5 Boilerplate magic. Seriously cool stuff, peeps!

Okay, enough of that…

Moving on to a couple design bits, from Wade Harrell comes a nice little “nudge” for PhotoShoppers… Gotta say, I love the design, like the background image and the upper-left nav panel…

And not sure how many designers use custom brushes for their work, but this set of watercolor brushes look beautiful…

Wanna make your head spin a little? How about at least your eyeballs? Check-out these two videos:

And finally, a quick geek-out:  Did you know you could do this?
if (something = document.getElementById('idname')) {
// yes, that's a =, not a == or ===
// it will evaluate to either true or false,
// so it will only make it here if #idname is in the page

Thanks, Brothercake!

Happy reading,

2 Responses to Today’s Readings

  1. Shikiryu says:

    Thank you for publishing about my HTML5 Template generator.
    As you pointed it out, it uses an “old” version of HTML5 boilerplate and blueprint.
    Not “that” old since I used a version from january 2011 and made the application available since 2011-02-04 as you can see in the stats ;)
    They just evolved quite fast and didn’t have time to bother updating. But I will ;)

  2. aarontgrogg says:

    @Shikiryu: Indeed, it is a lot to keep up with… :-) But the tool is awesome, none-the-less, great job!

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