My First WordPress Plug-in: HTML5 Boilerplate

My love affair with HTML5 Boilerplate has not dissipated a single bit over the (months?) since I first discovered it, but the Boilerplate: Starkers Theme I made turned out to have a slight short-coming: if you already had a theme, it was a pain in the butt to mush Boilerplate into it…

So, I made a plug-in that will do (most) it for you.  :-)
WordPress Repository:
Read More About It:

The plug-in works just like every other WordPress plug-in: download it, unzip it, activate it, and put it to work.

From the Boilerplate Admin panel, you can add/remove all of the features that are pertinent to a WordPress installation, including the things you’d want to mush into your existing mark-up, like the HTML5 DOCTYPE, the IE-Conditional <html> tags, the new-and-improved character-encoding <meta>, etc.

I’m working on getting this added to the WordPress repository, but if I get even a fraction of the push-back I had to go through to get my theme up there, forget about it…  If there is any news in that direction, I’ll update this post.

Would love to hear what you have to say about this, anything missing, anything that could/should be done a different way, anything that’s breaking somewhere?

Thanks, and happy WordPressing,

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