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A great history lesson in what will probably go down as the biggest step in HTML5 early-adoption.  Nice to be able to give credit where credit is due…

Omg… Now you can “street” view the ocean

Living in Manhattan it is easy to forget the fascination that initially drew you to the city. Having recently enjoyed Manhattanhenge, Manhattan in Motion also helps remind…

Man is this addictive!

From none other than Nicholas C. Zakas and Nicole “Stubbornella” Sullivan comes CSS Lint.  Like it’s great-uncle JS Lint, it promises to hurt your feelings.  Which, in these cases, is a good thing…

And from a completely different Nicholas, I immediately fell in love with the approach Nicolas Gallagher uses to create design “flourishes” (also see his amazing pure-CSS icons, background-image hacks, folded corners, and various drop-shadows!).  Note that this approach does leave IE6/7 out in the cold, but for most of these types of design elements, I would consider them to be “decorative”, and thus “losable” in lesser browsers.  Just my opinion…

SitePoint offers several variations of this idea for creating CSS3 ribbons.

Sick of writing 3-4 lines of CSS for every 1 line, just to cover all your CSS3 bases?  Let CSSPrefixer do it for you.

For all the other closet architecture wannabes out there, Legos has just come out with an architecture series!  Anyone else want to build Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water?

Now THIS changes some things!  Sick of hunting all over to find placeholder images while you’re projects are in development?  Stop hunting.  Let Flickholdr find them for you.

I have long believed I could no longer be surprised by the atrocities that humans will inflict on one another. Disgusted, yes, no longer surprised. Then I read this

And finally, five words to live by:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Da Vinci

Happy reading,

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  1. Hey Aaron, thanks for the mention! And just to let you know, my name is spelled Nicolas (no ‘h’). Take it easy

  2. aarontgrogg says:

    @Nicolas: Erps! All fixed!

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