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It is oft’ said that it is the little things in life that matters. In this case, it is the little big details that matter, offering you an ongoing collection of small details that make a huge difference in user interfaces.

A fun set of CSS tidbits as liveblogged by Luke Wroblewski during Eric Meyer‘s presentation at An Event Apart Boston.

And from the Zeld-meister himself comes a list of links from nearly everything you might have missed at An Event Apart Boston. Man!

Speaking of experimental CSS stuff, here’s an insanely large bunch from the good folks at Smashing Magazine

People really take the time to do stuff like this

Think animated GIFs suck? Yeah, most people do, but these versions add a LOT to these images…

There is something absolutely gorgeous about the BentoBook… And I don’t think it’s just my mind imagining pouring some soy sauce over it an eating it… The idea is simply beautiful, I think…

If you’re doing any WordPress work for clients, as in building full-blown websites, no necessarily blogs, you might enjoy some of these advanced WordPress features.  I especially like the looks of remove_menu_page

Okay, this is just plain awesome… “This stunning 360 degree panorama of the night sky was stitched together from 37,000 images by a first-time astrophotographer.”  Be sure yo zoom in, out, pan around, etc., and with each change, give the images a chance to clarify…  Welcome to space…

Anybody else miss the news that YouTube now let’s you watch full-length movies? Prices vary…

Got a taste for watching video now? Well how about a couple videos about performance? Enjoy!!

From the ever-competent folks at SitePoint comes a new site,, focusing on only things-mobile. And although you can read and learn about iOS and Android stuff, I personally will focus solely on the HTML channel…

Nice knowing you, Skype

At last, some science to how horrible JS animation is in “certain” browsers, and at least the beginning of a proper solution

And finally, even further proof that everything is better with bacon

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