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Germany: Two Years and Counting…

With fresh eyes, everything in Germany was new & lovely! Two years later, any change? Continue reading

A Conversation Only Web Developers Would Have…

I found myself in this (paraphrased) conversation at work today … Co-worker: “I used to have laundry in my apartment, I miss it so much, now I have to go to the laundromat…” Me: “The downside of in-home laundry is … Continue reading

Germany: An Update

Any time you move somewhere new, there are signs to yourself that you’re “settling in”, things like: No longer needing the GPS every time you drive somewhere… Walking into the grocery store and knowing where to go to get the … Continue reading

Ingenious Things I’m Loving About Germany

Just over four weeks into our residence in Germany and the most common word my wife and I find ourselves using when we encounter something new and different is “civilized”… Not the word I expected to use. I expected “efficient”, … Continue reading

Hi Germany, Nice to Meet You!

It has now been nearly three weeks, and (astonishingly, we’re told) we already have an apartment (really a townhouse, for some reason, basically our last 3 apartments combined), both passed our German driver license test (which we’re told some fail … Continue reading

The Start of a New Beginning

My iPhone says it’s 5:58pm. It’s Friday, November, 18, 2011. I stand on the subway platform under Rockefeller Center waiting for the D train to take me to Harlem, taking me “home” to a friend’s house where my wife waits. … Continue reading