Make Firefox Open with Multiple, Preset Homepages

Did you know you can make FF start with multiple preset tabs?  For instance, I like my FF to open with the first tab as my Yahoo! Mail, the second tab as my Gmail, and the third to as my personalized iGoogle page.

Before I found this FF feature, I had to open FF, go to my Yahoo! Mail, press Ctrl+T and type in the Gmail URL, press Ctrl+T and type in the iGoogle URL (FYI: Ctrl+T opens a new tab in most modern browsers, without having to click File, then Open new tab).

  1. However, you can make FF do all this for you, each and every time you open FF:
  2. Open FF
  3. Click Tools > Options
  4. Select the Main tab
  5. In the Home Page text box, type as many URLs as you wish FF to open when it starts, separating each URL with the “pipe” character (|), such as:
  7. Now, when you open FF, it will automatically open three tabs, the first will open as Yahoo! Mail, the second as Gmail, and the third as iGoogle.

Slick, huh?  Happy surfing,

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