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Happy President’s Day everyone!  Another random sampling of all things web…

Google Maps just got out-Googled…  Of all people, Microsoft, created an amazing “augmented-reality mapping technology“.  A lame name, even by Microsoft standards, but a truly impressive technology.  As the first commenter says, “oh, they’ve made google maps, that’s nice for them”.   But if you keep watching, at about 3:00 it gets really impressive, and at about 5:00 it starts blowing your mind

The best street sign ever.  Period.

Possibly the best iPhone app ever?  Certainly something that could revolutionize the flea market…  Also, I’m no security expert, but seems like this could really easily be taken advantage of…

A pretty slick usage for Google Docs!  Anybody planning a wedding out there?

Seems like a good (or at least better) method for testing JavaScript timings

Good interview with Margaret Gould Stewart the User Experience Team manager from YouTube.

Anyone else still wondering what Google Buzz is all about?  Well, I’m still not totally in love, but this article helped explain it a bit more…

Like Firebug?  Wish you could debug the same way when your cracking PHP?  Well, why don’t you?  SitePoint offers a nice introduction to FirePHP. A bit more complicated than simply installing a FF add-on, but could be easier than writing and deleting all those echos…

Lastly, everyone loves jQuery, right? And everyone loves (and ), right? So who wouldn’t love ?? “It works over the top of jQuery and diligently reports errors and any incorrect usage of jQuery. It will also, to some extent, offer guidance on best practices and performance concerns.” I cannot wait to crack into this…

Happy reading,

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