Today’s Readings

Once again, Apple has very simply made a product that is exactly as it should be:

A really, really good tutorial for HTML5, using a blog as a working example. Qué apropo, no?
and it would seem that I might already have some re-HTMLing to do… :-(

And continuing our conversation about fonts, why sift through all those free fonts on the web, why not just make your own?
Come on, who has a printer and a scanner out there?  You could be the next Helvetica!

Voice recognition via JavaScript? Alas, I have no microphone on my laptop to test myself, but the videos sure do look cool!!

A pretty impressive web-based meeting/collaborative tool:
I love that users don’t have to sign-in or create accounts, and that you can embed a Twiddla into any website!  And check-out some of the features it can do:
Congrats, we can all work form home now!

Amazing cross-browser testing, via REAL versions of the apps, but still web-based!
Be warned, however, that their “sandbox” page takes a lllloooonnnnggggg time to load…

Slick “3D” jQuery plug-in:
Scroll down to the forest/mountain/sky image and slide your mouse over it…  ooohhhh…. aaahhhh….

And where in the heck was THIS jQueryplug-in when we were building the new photo galleries???  :-)

I think I’ve written about this previously, but seemed worthy of a re-mention:
Does anyone currently use image compression, or do you just sort of wing it in Photoshop and move on with life?

And that ought to be enough, eh?

Happy reading,

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