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Our man Jeremy Keith and his Mad Lib-style registration page for Huffduffer got some nice kudos from Luke W.  In fact, Luke liked the Mad Lib approach so much, he convinced a client to try some A/B Testing on their site.The amazing results showed an “increased conversion across the board by 25-40%.” Way to go, Jeremy!

Okay, this is scary…  A lunch conversation comes to fruition in less than 24 hours: translates code into music.  Listen to your favorite website today!

A new Ajaxian post tells us about , a tiny (2.5kb) JS library that “automates a series of browser tests to ensure that advanced CSS and JavaScript features will render properly before they’re loaded to the page”.  You’re even able to do conditional IE checks!  This seems like a great idea unless you, like me, like your CSS in the <head> and your JS in the end of the <body>.  In this case, your page would render without CSS until your JS loaded, then everything would snap into place…  I think this would be a far better library if it were server-side…  Which shouldn’t be too hard, right?

The next time you have to create a new HTML mock, make sure you crack open a new tab for HTML-Ipsum.  Where was this site back when I was nesting <table>s within <table>s within <table>s?

I have to say, when all the fancy new HTML5 elements starting bounding around geek blogs, the one that I foresaw not happening any time soon (possibly even in my lifetime), was .  I don’t know why, but in the world of “I want to do it this way” and “Well I want to do it this way” of some modern browsers, I truly figured the codec wars would be going on strongly for some time to come.  But low-and-behold, while the Ogg Theora-ists still battle it out with the H.264-ites, there are some solutions sneaking into the picture.

Okay, this one kind of fried my poor head…  A little double bitwise, anyone?

And while we’re on the topic of JavaScript, Nicholas C. Zakas offers up another quiz, hope you studied! (But just in case you didn’t, Nicholas was kind enough to give up the answers… :-)

Now that we’ve taken the prep quiz above, how about running some JS tests? Dion at Ajaxian details a great inspection of a Digg widget. Nice to see some insight into how to dig into your code and tweak it for performance!

More JavaScript you say???  Well, okay!  Here, from Paul Irish is a list of a crapload of JS feeds that you can add to your Google Reader…  Paul, that’s a really, really long list…

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