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Use stored underground wind to replace coal?  Or attach a kite to boat for electricity?

The idea that designers should know how to code is a hot topic lately.  The next time you have a few hours to read a blog post, Elliot Jay Stocks gives us a lot more to talk about…  This was a hot topic at lunch recently.  Some felt that it would increase a designer’s perspective of the page, but mostly we felt it would create limits for designers.  I know when I try to “experiment” with new designs, my head is constantly already jumping ahead to “how am I going to code that…”  What about you?

Got Bike?  Need directions?  Google’s here for you!  In addition to the recently added Mass Transit routes, Google Maps now also offers Bike routes!  Not always the routes I would use, and a legend would be helpful (dark green lines are bike-only lanes, light green means bike lines on car-also streets, and dotted lines are bike “preferred” routes.  Bike on!

For anyone still a little iffy on the big diff between <div>, <section> and <article>, Oli Studholme writes a nice clarification, summarized rather nicely by Cameron Moll.  Essentially:

…if the enclosed content would make sense on it’s own in a feed reader—if so use <article>. If that’s not the case, is the enclosed content related? If so use <section>. Finally if there’s no semantic meaning use <div>

We’ve all heard of JS Minifiers, there are a couple variations to choose from, but what about your HTML?  Minification can help in any form, and the HTML Minifier clearly states that is it “very draft and is not yet thoroughly tested”, but it is worth keeping an eye on.  Nice work, Kangax!

A new set of social media icons!  Oh, and by the way, there are no images used for these icons… they’re all CSS… Nice work, Nicholas!

Dell, Apple and Amazon are teaming up to offer the new .  It’s no iPad, but it does have a few perks the iPad doesn’t offer, and this one does come with Flash…

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