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I have to admit, I’m a total sucker for numbered-lists-of-shit, but Things I didn’t know about the WebKit inspector? I’m all in! (Okay, well, it obviously was numbered at one point, thus the URL, but I guess that changed at some point… :-)

Perhaps the best reason I’ve seen yet for a 3D printer, at least on the home front…

Okay, so I obviously love the 3D printing, right? But this just crossed a line that should not be crossed

A few quick, though certainly generic, guidelines for responsive web design. There’s always something to pick-up on articles like this.

We all know we loved the Etch-a-Sketch as a kid (or maybe you still do!), so here’s a little flashback for you! It’s intended for a Mac Trackpad, but might work with a mouse as well (don’t try touch-and-drag, just drag two fingers around on your trackpad).

Here’s one more way to make the most out of your daily commute! (Of course, I don’t need my phone while biking, and can then charge it when I get to work or home, but never mind that!)

Okay, maybe if you wanted to test environmental conditions while biking, you might need a little extra charge…

A friend has been trying to get me to try Firefox again, but my life is so entrenched in Webkitland that it’s hard to imagine doing so. Well, with mobile Firefox out and looking good, and stuff like logging function calls, I just might start plinking around…

The iameco (“I am eco”) is easily the greenest computer I’ve ever seen. And the fact that they’re repairable and upgradable?? Would love to see how these perform…

Pure geek, but I find the idea of pointer-events very exciting! And was shocked to find them so well supported! Where have I been???

Stop, or I’ll Burnt Sienna you!”

Absolutely brilliant way to chieve speaker mode for HTML presentations! Nice one, Chris!

And finally, the handle looks less than comfortable, and while the idea of microwaving that damned blue bird is enticing, it does seem wrong… But either way, surely plenty of “Twits” out there would love to have this on their desk!

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