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Think your remote patches are a tricky? How about sending a patch 160 Million Miles?

Did you know there is a Performance object in the Webkit Inspector? If not, check it out, has some useful bits, but all the timestamps are based on the unix epoch, which means you have to do the conversion to find out how long that really took. To the rescue, coming soon to a Webkit browser near you:

But back to outer space for just a few milliseconds (go ahead, time me!), check out this lovely planetary family portrait

I have thus far in my web dev career had very little need (read: none) for bar graphs. But I love seeing what we can now do with our browsers, so I found this bar graph representation (using HTML5, some basic CSS3, and just a smidge of JS, but sans images and JS libraries) truly entertaining…

Electric cars are a great idea, but do I really have to keep plugging my car in every night? Well, no, actually, I don’t

And speaking of wireless recharging, how about your next laptop?

Or maybe you’d prefer to re-charge while on your next stroll?

A very clever method for interacting with DOM elements before DOM-ready

I want to use with Flexbox, badly. Really badly.

Finally, sustainable women’s shoes!

Want to celebrate shark week but are afraid to swim with them? Now you can follow along at home as robots do the dangerous part for you

I have not had the chance (nor, honestly, the inkling) to start playing with Node.js yet, but if you do this might be a good place to start

I don’t know what it is about this story that makes me chuckle, but it does…

Cascading Attribute Sheets do seem like a good idea to me… you?

Absolutely amazing: solar-powered bugs!

And finally, the most earth-shattering news to come out of the world of celebrity-endorsed chewing products in… perhaps forever?

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